• Cutera Xeo LASER Laser Hair Removal Laser and IPL

Cutera Xeo LASER Laser Hair Removal Laser and IPL

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Cutera Xeo LASER Laser Hair Removal Laser and IPL

Excellent working condition.

Manufacture : 2014

Included on sale :

  • Xeo Hand Piece Tree
  • Power Cord
  • Foot Pedal
  • Hand Piece Cases
  • Interlock
  • Key
  • Operation manuals CDs

The following handpieces are included:

  • Titan XL for skin tightening has around 7500 shots left
  • Limelight for IPL treatments (very low usage)
  • Prowave 770 for laser hair removal almost 0 shots
  • Yag laser 1064 for vascular treatments
  • CoolGlide for hair removal
  • Laser Genesis for skin rejuvenation.
The XEO, in particular, is very customizable. That means that there are lots of configuration options to benefit patients.

 Cutera lasers work for the following applications:

    Hair removal (works on tan skin)
    Fractional and ablative resurfacing
    Vascular treatments

The Cutera is a very well known brand. Many buyers appreciate the fact that it is made in the United States. The Cutera marketing materials point out that this machine is versatile, and I would definitely say that this is true. This laser is highly customizable.

However, there are potential downsides to be aware of before you buy a Cutera. For example, this laser tends to offer a small spot size for treatments, and this means that it can take longer to do your hair removal process.

Additionally, the Cutera requires more servicing than other models. The truth is that this issue arises because they only generate energy from one lamp. That means that you will eventually need to either change the lamp or rebuild the laser. I’d consider this to be a significant drawback.

Further, the water system in the Cutera is complex. This factor causes many cases of water leaks in the system.

You’ll also need to factor in costs for resetting the shot count on the Cutera hand pieces. Depending on the hand piece, this can be necessary every 30-100k shots. All in all, this machine tends to be more costly than other brands because of its repair requirements.

Who is Happiest with the Cutera Brand?

Professionals who are looking to treat clients with both light and dark skin will appreciate that feature of the Cutera machines. Also smaller offices appreciate the Cutera since it is a compact sized laser.

What Do You Need To Know Before You Purchase a Cutera?

Often customers only consider the year a machine was made and its visual aspects. The truth is that the CoolGlide Vantage and the Cutera XEO are virtually identical. The main difference is that the XEO has IPL capabilities and also a touch screen.

The best way to know if a machine is right for you is to test it out in person before you buy it. This process will ensure that you like the way it works and that the machine has no apparent issues.

Due to the high amounts of fraud in the second hand laser business, there simply is no way to know if you are getting a good deal until you personally test out the equipment and see that it works properly.

When you buy a Cutera laser, you can expect that you will have to put $3k-$7k towards the machine each year. Of course, this rate varies depending on which hand pieces you have for the machine.


 1.    Cutera CoolGlide
We carry the CoolGlide (1064 Nd:YAG) platform, and many people are interested to learn that this is the first laser cleared by the FDA for permanent hair reduction in all skin types. The CoolGlide also offers PowerFlex, ™which is a patented technology said to speed up treatments. This machine can handle hair removal on a variety of skin types as well as skin rejuvenation and vascular treatments.

 2. Cutera XEO
Cutera’s XEO platform offers epidermal temperature regulation and a self-contained cooling system. It also features a few different hand piece options including Pearl, Pearl Fractional, CoolGlide, Excel, Limelight, Laser Genesis, Prowave, AcuTip and Titan. The machine will handle not only laser hair removal, but also vascular therapies, skin tightening and rejuvenation.

3. Solera Opus
The Solera Platform is a compact, high-powered system which offers practitioners the most popular and fastest-growing aesthetic applications - skin fitness and hair removal.
The compact and affordable Solera Opus delivers the technological breakthroughs of Intelligent Pulsed Light using the LimeLight for benign pigmented lesions, ProWave 770™ for hair removal and the AcuTip 500™ for superficial telangiectasia.

4. LimeLight
A versatile and powerful device for treating vascular and benign pigmented lesions.

    Three distinct pre-set programs (520-1100 nm) provide excellent hemoglobin and melanin absorption for uniform treatments and ease of use.
    Clinical versatility permits treatment of multiple indications, including both low and high contrast pigmentation.
    Features such as the industry's fastest treatment speed and adjustable temperature control provide clinical versatility.
    Only company with real-time calibration; this ensures accurate and consistent power output during treatment for reproducible results and patient safety.

FDA Clearance: LimeLight is cleared for a variety of indications including benign pigmented lesions and vascular lesions.

Product Specifications:
Spot Size: 10 x 30 mm
Wavelengths: 520 - 1100 nm
Cooling: 5, 10 or 20 C
Fluence Range: 5 - 30 J/cm2
Repetition Rate: 2 Hz

5. ProWave
ProWave (770-1100 nm), combines unrivaled treatment speed with optimal results and safety. Maximum versatility is achieved multiple wavelength technology enabling treatment modes from Alexandrite to Diode to near Nd:YAG.

    Clinical studies showed > 80% hair reduction six months post three treatments.
    ProWave’s versatility speaks for itself. Push button control automatically shifts the wavelength and pulse width tailoring the treatment to optimize hair removal efficacy.
    Fast treatment speeds save time and money. Time for an average back is 15 minutes, full legs in 10 minutes.
    No numbing cream is required — still another time-saver.

FDA Clearance: ProWave is cleared for permanent hair reduction.

Product Specifications
770 - 1100 nm
shifted based on Program A, B or C
5 to 35 J/cm2
Spot Size
10 x 30 mm
Pulse Width
Automatic, based on Program A, B or C
Repetition Rate Up to 2 Hz
6. Solera Titan

The Solera Platform is a compact, high-powered system which offers practitioners the most popular and fastest-growing aesthetic applications.

The Solera Titan is capable to accept 3 version of the Titan hand piece.

    Titan S (Reaches 10,050 Pulese)
    Titan V (Reaches 15,000 Pulses)
    Titan XL (Reaches 10,050 Pulses)

The Solera Titan introduces the first infrared light source for sustained, deep volumetric dermal heating. Solera Titan treatments can be performed on the face, neck, abdomen and extremities.
The most researched and peer-reviewed infra-red solution for deep dermal heating of all skin types.
Titan’s light source generates energy from 1100 to 1800 nm for safe and effective volumetric heating of the dermis.
Titan candidates are often patients not yet ready for surgery.
When combined with other non-ablative procedures that improve conditions such as dyschromia, Titan’s toning effect enhances overall results.
FDA Clearance: Cleared for topical heating for the purpose of elevating tissue temperature.

Product Specifications
Wavelength: 1100 - 1800 nm
Fluence: 5 to 65 J/cm2
Spot Size: Titan V: 10 x 15 mm
Titan XL: 10 x 30 mm
Treatment Cycle: 4 to 10 seconds
Exposure Indicator: Audible tone and LED indicator

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