• GE Druck DPI 610 Precision Portable Pressure Calibrator

GE Druck DPI 610 Precision Portable Pressure Calibrator

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GE Druck DPI 610 Precision Portable Pressure Calibrator
Brand New, up to 4 Years Warranty

Please note that this product has now been discontinued.

The direct replacement for the DPI 610 is the DPI 620 Genii.

Range from -14.7 to 10,000psi
High accuracy
Unique design with integrated handle


Widely used by professional engineers and technicians, Druck’s portable, handheld, accurate and easy-to-use DPI 610 calibrator is a must-have for calibrating pressure.

The DPI 610 measures and displays pneumatic and hydraulic pressure applied to the test port or to an externally-connected pressure sensor. It is suitable for absolute, gauge and sealed gauge pressure measurements across a range of 2.5mbar to 700bar (1.0inH20 to 10,000psi).

Druck DPI 610 units also include internal pneumatic and hydraulic pressure generation components and can produce pneumatic pressure from -1 to 20 bar (14.5psi to 300psi) and hydraulic pressure up to 400 bar (6000psi).

Via electrical connections on the front of the calibrator the DPI 610 can also measure ±50V DC and ±55mA. It can produce 10V DC or 24V volts DC (maximum of 24mA) and has a built-in internal sensor for calculating ambient temperature.

This calibrator is a datalogging unit – it can store all of your results and download them to a PC afterwards via RS232 connection (requires a compatible documenting system).
GE Druck DPI 610 Precision Portable Pressure Calibrator Key Features


Ranges from -14.7 to 10,000psi
Accuracy from 0.025% full scale (FS)
Integral combined pressure and vacuum pump
Dual readout: input and output
4 to 20mA loop test with auto step and ramp
RS232 serial interface
Integrated handle for comfortable use
Generate and measure pressure
Battery powered unit
Internal data storage

Included on sale:

  • DPI 610 Pressure Calibrator
  • User Guide
  • Test Leads
  • Pressure/Vacuum Pump
  • Volume Adjuster
  • Release Valve
  • Carrying Case
  • Rechargeable Battery Pack
  • Charger
  • Power Supply

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