• GE Druck DPI 620 Genii Multifunction Calibrator

GE Druck DPI 620 Genii Multifunction Calibrator

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GE Druck DPI 620 Genii Multifunction Calibrator
Brand New with 2 Years Warranty


The next generation of the market-leading DPI 620, the Genii is a fast response, flexible and simple-to-use multifunctional calibrator, suitable for high accuracy pressure, temperature, electrical and frequency generation and measurements.

Druck’s Genii helps you to work faster than ever before. The DPI 620 is equipped with a fast response, large-size touchscreen for quick, simple and easy access to every function without complex menus and difficult-to-use buttons.  Getting to the functions you need is literally as simple as touching or swiping the screen, helping you to work faster and waste less time on configuring your unit.

This multifunctional pressure calibrator is suitable for a wide variety of applications, including petrochemical and chemical industries, oil and gas companies, power generation plus food and pharmaceutical companies.

The DPI 620 Genii gives you ultimate control over pressure generation, calibration and measurements. The handheld Genii unit seamlessly works with GE Druck pressure modules and generating stations (sold separately) and includes two-channel measurements and pneumatic/hydraulic generation from 25mbar/10inH20 up to 1000 bar/15,000psi.

The GE DPI 620 Genii is more than just a standard calibrator – the unit comes with a full HART communicator as standard (please note that the Lite version doesn't include this as standard) giving users a wide variety of flexible options. These include transferring device configurations to PC, view, changing and cloning device configurations, 24/38V power generation, the ability to measure and source analogue variables with no extra equipment and more!

Got an older DPI 620 model or accessories? No problem – the new Genii is designed to work seamlessly with all legacy GE Druck DPI 620 products and accessories.

For professional engineers, you need not look any further than the DPI 620. With an advanced multifunctional calibrator, HART/foundation fieldbus communicator (fieldbus is optional) and truly world-class pressure measurement and generation included, you can’t go wrong the DPI 620 Genii.

GE Druck DPI 620 Genii Multifunction Calibrator Key Features

Multifunctional, professional-grade calibrator and generator – electrical, frequency, temperature and pressure
Complete HART communicator included as standard
Fully flexible – works with a huge range of GE Druck pressure modules, pressure module carriers and pressure generating stations (sold separately)
Suitable for measuring and sourcing mA, mV, V, ohms, frequency, RTDs and thermocouples
Dual channel – suitable for two pressure measurements simultaneously
Take control over pressure – using optional modules, pressure can be measured from 25mbar (10inH20) up to 1000 bar (15000psi)
Smartphone technology – fast response touch and swipe user interface with logical menu system for ease of use
Completely new digital platform and modems, supporting HART and Fieldbus applications
Dashboard allows quick launching of calibrator, hart and setup functions
Single touch configuration of pressure and temperature transmitters, transducers, switches and valve positioners
Set your user-configured functions and other frequently used tasks to the favourites menu for quicker access
World-class accuracy for measuring, sourcing and simulating electrical, frequency, temperature and pressure
Simulate device inputs and measure outputs simultaneously (up to 6 active channels)
Calculate errors between inputs and outputs
Datalogs up to six channels simultaneously
Automate calibration procedures
Store a complete plant database of procedures and results
View standard Office documents, including images, text files, spreadsheets and presentations

Included on sale:

Druck DPI 620 Genii Calibrator
DC Power Supply
Li-polymer Battery
Set of Six Test Leads
AC Probe
Quick Start Guide

Optional Accessories:

The DPI 620 Genii is designed to seamlessly work with Druck pressure modules, pressure module carriers and pressure stations.

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