• Olympus Panametrics Epoch 4 Plus Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

Olympus Panametrics Epoch 4 Plus Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

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Olympus Panametrics Epoch 4 Plus Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

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The Olympus/Panametrics NDT EPOCH 4 Plus Ultrasonic Flaw Detector is an advanced digital ultrasonic flaw detector that combines powerful, fully featured measurement capabilities, a comprehensive internal datalogger, and a wide range of software options to solve many demanding inspection problems.
Signal processing features include a 25 MHz bandwidth to permit testing of thinner materials, a selectable square wave pulser to optimize penetration on thick or attenuating materials, and narrowband filters to improve signal-to-noise ratio in high gain applications. The EPOCH 4 incorporates rugged packaging and a conveniently organized direct-access keypad, and offers the choice of high-resolution Liquid Crystal or Electroluminescent displays.

  • Customizable narrowband filtering
  • Selectable, tunable square wave or negative spike excitation pulser
  • Light, ergonomically designed (5.7 lbs / 2.6 Kg)
  • Fast minimum 60 Hz display update rate High-power NiMH battery
  • Large, bright, high-resolution ELD or LCD with full/split screen views
  • Automated transducer calibration 400 (10,000 mm) full screen range at longitudinal velocity of steel
  • Superior minimum range capability (0.038 or 1 mm full scale at longitudinal velocity of steel)
  • Display Freeze holds waveform and soundpath data Soundpath data viewable in inches, millimeters, or microseconds
  • Peak Hold and Peak Memory
  • RF display mode
  • Alarms, threshold positive/negative, or minimum depth
  • Dual Gate with Echo-to-Echo measurements
  • Security Key enables remote upgrade of software options


  • Sensitivity: 110 dB Max and Reference level sensitivity feature with 6 dB or 0.1 dB selectable resolution
  • Auto Transducer Calibration: Automated calibration of transducer Zero Offset and/or Velocity.
  • Reject: 0% to 80% of full scale in 1% increments
  • Units: English, Metric, or Microseconds
  • Material Velocity: 0.025 to 0.6000 in/μsec (635 to 15240 m/S)
  • Range: Standard 0.038 inch to 400 inch (1 mm to 10,000 mm)
  • Refracted Angle: Fixed settings of 0°, 30°, 45°, 60°, 70°, or variable from 10° to 85° in 0.1° resolution
  • Peak Memory: Simultaneous display of live A-scan at 60 Hz update rate and peak envelope of A-scan display.
  • Peak Hold: Freezes Peak Memory echo envelope for waveform comparison with live A-scan.
  • Pulser Type, User Selectable: Tunable square wave, negative spike excitation.
  • Pulse Energy: Low (100 V), Medium (200 V), High (300 V), and Max (400 V)
  • Damping: 50, 63, 150, and 400 ohms
  • Rectification: Full Wave, Half Wave Positive or Negative, and unrectified RF settings
  • Analog Bandwidth: 0.05 MHz to 25 MHz at 3 dB
  • Filters: Broadband, Narrowband, or Custom Selectable Low and High Pass Filters
  • Test Modes: Pulse Echo, Dual, or Through Transmission
  • Alarms: Selectable threshold positive/negative or minimum depth modes
  • Display: 320 pixels (W) X 240 pixels (H), ELD or LCD screens
  • Display Update Rate: Minimum 60 Hz

Software Option :

DAC (Distance Amplitude Correction)
Calculates signal amplitude as a percentage or dB difference of the DAC curve level (ASME, ASME-3 or JIS). Same size reflectors peak along the curve independent of their location. An alarm can be activated when a gated signal breaks the curve.

CSC (Curved Surface Correction)
Corrects sound path information when using an angle beam transducer to inspect circumferentially around a curved surface.

Spotweld Overlay
Allows on-screen comparison of the live waveform with a stored reference waveform. The Stamping feature permits stored weld data to be stamped good, undersized, stick, or two other operator-defined conditions.

Provides the ability to automatically freeze the A-Scan waveform when a gate alarm has been triggered.

TVG (Time Varied Gain) with 40dB Dynamic Range
Corrects for distance/amplitude variations due to material attenuation and beam spreading. Reference echoes are brought to a standard full screen level of 80 percent.

Floating Gate
Automatically varies Gate Level by -6dB or -12dB of the gated backwall echo. Results in consistency of edge-depth measurements by making readings at the same relative amplitude.

Interface Gate
Powerful tool for immersion applications where the water path distance between the transducer and front surface of the part is continually changing. Maintains the Interface Echo (between the water and the front surface of the part) on the left side of the EPOCH 4PLUS's display.

AWS D1.1 and D1.5
Provides a dynamic reflector "indication rating" for various AWS weld inspection applications. This allows for a more efficient inspection by eliminating manual calculations.

Wave Analysis
Selects particular points along an RF waveform to obtain a timing/thickness measurement and also a dB difference between the two points. Applications include measuring the scale/oxide build-up on the inside of boiler tubes.

Flaw sizing technique that permits echo signals to be evaluated using DGS/AVG diagram associated with a particular type of probe and material. The DGS/AVG diagram shows the relationship between echo height, flaw size, and distance from the transducer.

High PRF (1,000Hz)
Increases the PRF of the EPOCH 4PLUS and is useful for higher scanning speed inspections. The high PRF software fixes the PRF at 1kHz.

Low PRF (30Hz)
Reduces or eliminates "wrap-around" noise by setting the PRF to a fixed 30Hz. This feature is often necessary when inspecting materials that are highly attenuating or have long sound paths.

Backwall Attenuator
Attenuates the backwall echo of an inspected part to avoid screen saturation and allow detailed flaw echo examination. The EPOCH 4PLUS flaw detector incorporates all of the advanced signal processing features of the industry proven EPOCH 4 model, including a 25MHz RF bandwidth to permit testing of thin materials, narrowband filters to improve signal-to-noise in high gain applications, a negative spike pulser for applications requiring higher frequencies and a selectable square wave pulser to optimize penetration on thick or highly attenuating materials.

The flaw detector comes with ALL of the software options included:

  • CSC (Curved Surface Correction)
  • Spotweld Overlay
  • Spotweld Assistant
  • Floating Gate
  • Interface Gate
  • AWS D1.1 and D1.5
  • Wave Analysis
  • Backwall Echo Attenuator (BEA)
  • High & Low PRF
  • Auto-Freeze
  • B-Scan
  • Advanced DAC/TVG
  • API 5UE

Included on sale :

  • Epoch 4 Plus
  • Charger
  • Power Cord
  • Lithium Ion Battery
  • GageView Software/Cable
  • Hard Case
  • User Manual

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