• PANalytical Venus 200 Minilab

PANalytical Venus 200 Minilab

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PANalytical Venus 200 Minilab

Used condition, comes with all standard accessories

Warranty 1 Year

Serial Number : 78532043


Compact, full range, easy-to-use WDXRF solution
The Venus is a compact, full-range, easy-to-use WDXRF spectrometer providing cost-effective elemental analyses. The instrument offers rapid measurements thanks to the use of patented optics and simultaneous data collection from different measurement channels: crystal mill, goniometer and fixed channels.

Easy to use
The system is characterized by low cost of ownership and its ease-of-use is further enhanced by the use of Windows-based software for quantitative and qualitative analysis. For various process control applications the software can be operated using a touchscreen or a mouse and keyboard. Results are automatically calculated, stored and printed, while statistical process control software monitors trends in specimens and/or processes.

Flexible systems
PANalytical offers different Venus configurations, for example the wide-range minerals version that  is configured to measure all elements from Al onwards, and the petrochemical version that can be used for a wide range of applications in that market. Both configurations include crystal mill channels for the light elements and a goniometer that can measure all elements from Sc to U and have the possibility of adding channels for F, Na and Mg.

More dedicated industry specific versions are configured with crystal mill channels for the relevant elements in that industry, for example elements that need to be measured to comply with certain industry norms.

Features of the Venus:

    Simultaneous and sequential data collection (patented)
    Fixed channel(s)
    Crystal mill channels
    Compact goniometer channel
    200 W Target Transmission tube (patented)
    Optional sample changer
    Small footprint
    Easy to install

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