• Shimadzu LAB CENTER XRF-1800 X-RAY Spectometer

Shimadzu LAB CENTER XRF-1800 X-RAY Spectometer

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Shimadzu LAB CENTER XRF-1800 X-RAY Spectometer

World first 250 µm Mapping!

Brand New Condition!
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  • World first 250µm Mapping for wavelength dispersive analysis (patented). This enables to analyze content distribution and intensity distribution of non uniform sample.
  • Qualitative/quantitative analysis using higher-order X-rays (patent pending). More accurate evaluation of higher-order X-rays makes higher.
  • Film thickness measurement and inorganic component analysis for high-polymer thin films with background FP method (patented).
  • CCD camera option for sample position designation (patent pending).
  • 4 kW thin-window X-ray tube for high reliability and long life. Compared with conventional 3 kW tube, more than double of sensitivity is achieve in light elements.
  • Ease of use – template and matching functions based on Shimadzu expertise. Optimal conditions can be created based on prepared conditions for sample forms like liquid, powder, solid, metal and oxides.

With spirit of a pioneer of local analysis, mapping and 4 kW thin-window X-ray tube, Shimadzu brush up these technologies with reviewing hardware and software, and achieve more reliable, more operative and more functional system. We are proud to introduce XRF-1800 system.

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