• GE Everest Imaging Videoprobe XL PRO VIT

GE Everest Imaging Videoprobe XL PRO VIT

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  • Product Code: PLS500D-A
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GE Everest Imaging Videoprobe XL PRO VIT

The VideoProbe XL system is equipped with the finest video borescope technology. A fiber-optic bundle illuminates the inspection area with light generated by a state-of the art 24 watt Welch Allyn So - larc® metal- halide lamp in the Light Source. A miniature camera assembly in the VideoProbe’s Tip Section converts the optical image into an electronic image. This image is carried back through the probe and displayed on the color LCD monitor which is built into the VideoProbe hand-piece.

Fully Tested. Unit powers on and video probe shows clear display. Joystick / Tip Articulation shows

Model PLS500D-A Light Source and PXLA630A / UL310-1/EN6010-10 Video Probe.

The system has two primary components - the VideoProbe hand-piece and the Light Source.

Included on box :

-24W Light Source - Everest Imaging PLS500D-A with power cord
-VideoProbe Hand-Piece with 10ft of insertion tube
- Everest Imaging VideoProbe XL Pro VIT - PXLA630A
-AC Power Cord
-Operator's Guide
-Storage/Carrying Case

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