• GE Inspection Krautkramer MIC-20 Hardness Tester

GE Inspection Krautkramer MIC-20 Hardness Tester

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GE Inspection Krautkramer MIC-20 Hardness Tester

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Description :

The versatile touchscreen MIC-20 can use either UCI probes or Leeb (rebound) impact devices. This makes the MIC 20 a universal instrument: You can use it to test fine-grained materials having different masses and shapes, HAZ, or heat treated surfaces using the UCI method, or test large, coarse-grained components, forgings, and cast materials using the rebound method. This instrument allows the alphanumeric naming of data sets, and stores hardness data in a Windows CE file-and-folder system. Optional UltraDAT software allows data transfer to a PC for archival purposes or generating professional reports in Excel format. Please note that because the MIC-20 is compatible a variety of impact devices and UCI probes to suit different applications, probes and impact devices are always sold separately. Base instrument package Includes: MIC 20 Instrument with Color TFT display, AC Power Supply / NiMH Pack Charger NiMH Rechargeable Battery Pack Carrying Case Operating Manual Certificate of Conformity Made in Germany.

The MIC 20 is a two-in-one versatile tester combining the UCI test methods (Ultrasonic Contact Impedance, ultrasonic contact impedance) and rebound (standardized according to ASTM A956 standards, the 1038 and DIN 50156, 50159). The method UCI test small parts of complex shapes and comprise fine-grained metals, while the rebound method is more suitable for larger castings and forgings and coarse parts.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Hardness tester combined for testing the hardness almost static according to the UCI method (ASTM A1038) and dynamic hardness testing according to the rebound method (ASTM A956)
  • UCI probes for hardness testing of fine-grained materials having different masses and shapes or heat treated surfaces.
  • Impact devices for rebound hardness tests on components, forgings and cast materials and large coarse-grained.
  • Automatic scale conversion to HV, HB, HRC, HRB, HS, HL and N / mm2
  • Operation by keys and / or integrated touch-sensitive screen, easy to enter alphanumeric
  • Power supply: mains adapter (100 V - 240 V) or NiMH battery pack MIC 20-BAT (internal charging)
  • Internal data memory for about 5,000 measurement series
  • Quick and easy Calibration according to test different materials. The calibration data are stored and can be retrieved
  • Non-directional measurement without introducing correction factors
  • The large TFT color display shows you at a glance all the necessary information during measurement, for example, average individual value or statistical data
  • Data memory organized clearly to save the measurement results in an easy and structured way.The measurement series can be retrieved and edited.
Additional Features :
  • Colour display or colour TFT display, 1/4 VGA, 5.7”, 115.2 mm x 76.8 mm / 4.5” x 3.0”
  • Automatic conversion according to DIN 50150, ASTM E 140
  • Test data reported as a curve, histogram, or in table with statistical data calculation
  • Operating Time: approx. 4 hours continuous operation with NiMH battery pack MIC 20-BAT
  • RS 232 bidirectional and Ethernet 10 Mbi Interfaces
  • Weight: Approx. 1.4 kg / 3.1 lbs (incl. MIC 20-BAT)


    Dual function UCI and rebound testing
    UCI probes

Handheld probes:

    10 N (1 kgf) standard MIC 201-A
    short MIC 201-AS
    extended MIC 201-AL
    50 N (5 kgf) standard MIC 205-A
    short MIC 205-AS
    extended MIC 205-AL
    98 N (10 kgf) standard MIC 2010-A

Motor probes:

    8.6 N (0.9 kgf) MIC 211
    3 N (0.3 kgf) MIC 2103-A
    1 N (0.1 kgf) MIC 2101-A

Rebound impact devices

    Ø 3 mm spherical tungsten carbide
    metal tip Dyna D
    Ø 5 mm spherical tungsten carbide
    Metal tip Dyna G
    Diamond test tip Dyna E

Included on sale ;

  • Krautkramer MIC20-TFT
  • MIC 205 (5kg) UCI Probe
  • Type D Rebound Probe
  • MIC20 Probe Cable
  • Calibration Standards
  • Manual
  • Probe Holder

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